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Customized Test Equipment:


Efficient Routine Test Systems for HV Cable Accessories and Components.

Efficiency meets Speed.

Routine testing has a significant impact on your overall product costs, as preparation, installation and electrical connection of the test objects is very time-consuming. At strescon we have focused on solving this problem, we are specialized in the development and con­struction of smart and highly efficient routine test equipment that allows you to save valuable time and costs.

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Quick and Simple

Assembly of the test samples within 10 minutes. 40 min. cycle time for 30 min. AC routine testing according to IEC.

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Precisely integrable into your existing manufacturing process.

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Low Maintenance

Efficient, reliable and low maintanance.

Test setups

We offer solutions for testing all common types of cable accessories according to the relevant international standards IEC 60840, IEC 62067 and IEC 62271-209. Test rigs for shielded HV-labs as well as fully encapsulated test equipment – We design tailor made testing solutions according to your requirements.

Fully Adapted to Your Product Portfolio.

We design and construct your test equipment tailored to your product portfolio and guarantee a highly efficient workflow. This saves time and money.

Available as Stand-Alone Solution for Integration in Already Existing Test Systems or as Turn-Key Solution including Power Supply and Measurement Equipment.

No matter whether you need an extension for your existing test field or a comfortable turnkey solution – at strescon we focus on the customized idea and always deliver the optimal solution for your demands. Our team will accompany you from the start of the project to the commissioning of your new customized test system at your test side.

Expandable and Adaptable to New Products.

We design and develop all of our test facilities individually. We always keep flexibility in mind, so that you are capable of expanding your system for new products and/or a higher testing capacity at a later date.

Eco Efficient - No SF6 required.

Up to date test equipment includes the usage of dielectric gases with a carbon footprint as low as possible. Our concept is to use pressurized air or green dielectric gases as far as it is compatible to your requirements. This allows you to further minimize the CO2 footprint of your products during routine testing.


Your way to your tailor made test equipment.

Analysis of your premises and its environmental conditions and/or your existing test setup

Cost/benefit assessment considering time and material expenditure with recommendation of the most economical variant

Elaboration of the optimal testing procedure including the necessary equipment, its arrangement and interfaces

Precise draft of your new test setup including all technical and commercial details

Project start and final realization after customer approval

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