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Know-How meets Precision:


Challenge us!

Innovative and Visionary:

We design and develop cable accessories and components for all voltage ranges and cable cross sections. Furthermore, we empower our customer to produce and test the components according to international standards.

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Developed by strescon – Visionary.

Cable Accessories And Components

Our membership in various national and international technical committees for cables and accessories enables us to actively participate in the design of future standards and specifications. With developments by strescon you are ready for the future.

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From Connector to Coffin-Box


strescon designs your connection! Starting with the connector through the field control inside the joint body up to a hermetically sealed housing. We develop your cable joint including all necessary components and according to international standards. The result is a reliable and durable product.

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A smart solution for transformers

Transformer Connection System

For transformer connection systems the challenges are the dielectric design and the epoxy resin casting process. Thanks to our know-how in the field of production technology and materials these complex processing technologies are no issue for our team. We choose the suitable production technique and adapt the product to create the best solution.

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Plug and Power – Completely Dry-Type

Prefabricated GIS Cable Termination

Prefabricated, dry-type cable terminations are state of the art in the field of GIS cable terminations. The GIS compartment is delivered with pre-installed socket, the plug is assembled on site. Our scope is the development of your termination as complete package, including the combination of stress cone and epoxy resin socket, the contact system as well as the required spring assembly and the cable gland.

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Oil Filled or Dry-Type


To realize a smooth transition to an overhead line, we develop your outdoor termination according to your environmental requirements. With respect to the environment, oil insulated terminations cause significant issues. That’s why we developed a dry-type outdoor termination as a prefabricated accessory – Without the need of additional supporting insulators!

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Silicone Based and Prefabricated


You need a new type of stress cone while using the existing components of the accessory system or need an extension of the current portfolio? Anytime! We customize stress cones suited to your existing accessory components and provide you the opportunity to use synergies.

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Electrostatic, FEM-based Field Calculation


By using 2D- and 3D-FEM field calculation methods, we optimize our stress cone design with regard to dielectric issues. We do not want to withhold this know-how from you and are happy to offer you supporting electrostatic field calculations for your high-voltage project.

Our Know-How. Your Success.


Cable Accessories and Components

  • Electrical and mechanical design of stress cones based on the specific requirements of the cables and the application
  • Design and development of contact systems
  • Selection of materials with focus on electrical and mechanical properties and the manufacturing process
  • Design and specification of all cable accessory components
  • Integration of customer-specific requirements (partial discharge or current measurement components, fiber-optic connections, etc.)
  • Preparation of assembly instructions
  • Training of cable assembly staff

Type Tests and Factory Acceptance Tests

  • Organization and support of approval-related-tests such as development tests, type tests according to IEC or IEEE or tests according to customer specifications
  • Layout of electrical routine and sample tests for optimal quality assurance
  • Integration of routine tests in the manufacturing process
  • Our experts have many years of experience in type testing in the field of cable accessories and routine testing during production

Engineering and Sourcing of Prototypes

  • Metal parts (structural elements and conductors)
  • Insulating material
  • Prototype tools for elastomer components (e.g. deflectors, insulators, stress cones and joint bodies)
  • Prototypes and small series
  • Fast and cost-effective production of prototype tools through our long-standing partners in the field of tool manufacturing
  • Fast delivery and low cost for prototypes
  • Use of identical materials as in the serial production
  • Prototypes are fully applicable for type tests
  • Small batches for first customer orders without high investments in serial tools and machines
  • From order placement to final acceptance of the finished prototype – strescon takes care of all the necessary steps and activities for you
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Perfect Fit:


We design and develop tailor made connectors exactly fitted to your cable accessories. Whether for outdoor terminations, joints or GIS terminations, with connector technology by strescon you are properly contacted.

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TOP BOLT connector

For the use in outdoor terminations. Shape and dimension of the center part is adapted to the sealing concept of your cable termination. Design and size of the top bolt can be chosen individually.

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HV Cable Lug

For the use in flexible outdoor terminations. The layout and the dimension of the terminal lug is customized to your requirements.

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DRY TYPE Contact

For the use in dry-type plug in terminations. Shape and dimension of the connector part is exactly designed according to your socket dimension.

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Joint connector

Used in cable joints. The dimensions are        
individually adapted to the diameter over XLPE of your cable.

Overview Connector Technology


100% customized and engineered to fit your product

Proven and type tested technology

Suitable for copper and aluminum conductors

Suitable for cross sections up to 4000 mm²

Applicable in all voltage levels up to 550kV

Optimized screw layout to guarantee lowest contact resistance

Aluminum connector body (tin or silver plated) with low resistance and high mechanical strength

Shear bolts made of special brass ensure a constant shear off torque

Outstanding thermal stability

High resistance to ageing

Maintenance free

Quick and simple installation

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Challenge us! We develop the suitable solution for You: +49 711 1200 84-11