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Refuel at home


Need to get to the petrol station before going to work? A problem of the past.

Sun instead of gasoline.

Your own gas station with solar fuel from your roof.
With a charging station you always stay mobile and charge comfortably at your home  with charging powers of up to 22 kW, long charging times are a matter of the past. Take another step towards autarchy.

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Refuel at home.


Shorten charging time with your own charging station. The interfaces to PV-systems enable an optimized charging during high solar radiation. The perfect integration of your vehicle into your energy system.

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For your vehicle pool and your employees.


You are considering charging infrastructure for your vehicle pool and your employees? In combination with a photovoltaic system a reasonable investment. strescon offers suitable solutions for your business.

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Vehicle and storage in one.


A future electrical vehicle is not only for transportation, it will also serve as a power storage unit. Techniques like vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home enable a even more efficient usage of your solar energy. Further­more, you can earn money by providing grid services while your vehicle is not used.



A charging station combined with an energy management system enables a prior charging of your vehicle by your solar energy. The process is fast and comfortable. The safety functions of the charging station ensure always a safe charging process.


Charging Station

Find out why your charging station is more than just a fancy socket.

Why an own Charging Station?

You can of course charge your vehicle also at the conventional socket or at a three phase CEE-socket. Also parking lots often provide only simple single-phase or sometimes three-phase, 16 A fused connections. This results in a power rating of 3.6 kW for the single phase and 11 kW for the three phase system. Furthermore, the charging power can only be set to a fixed value below the maximum power rating of the connection. Thus, an adaptation to the available solar power is not possible.

An own charging station solves these issues. The permanently connected type II plug is compatible to most of the common vehicles and the handling of the plug is much more comfortable, compared to a conventional CEE adapter plug. The charging station communicates the currently available power of the grid to the vehicle and the charging process always operates at the maximum of the actual possible power. For example the charging power can be decreased if not enough solar power is available and a full charging power would result in an expensive charging by the public grid. Charging and dis­charging processes can be logged and enable accurate billing, even for multiple users.

Capabilities of a Charging Station

  • Permanently connected type II cable
  • Communication of parameters between vehicle and grid
  • Communication with other charging stations e.g. to avoid an overload of the feeding lines
  • Safely locked physical connection of the vehicle to the power grid
  • Monitoring functionalities like logging, control and network integration
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