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Energy Management Systems

Keeping track.

Be in control over the optimized power distribution inside your house.
A suitable energy management system will assist you.

Control the Power Flow.

Nowadays, controllable loads are already increasingly installed in buildings. Thus, it is getting more and more important to have an insight into the power flow. An energy management system assists you to optimize the overlap times of high load and high solar power generation. Based on a weather forecast the solar power output of the day can be predicted and, as a result, load and storage  are scheduled. Talk to our experts to get more information. We are glad to answer your questions!

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Power connected.


The electric vehicle needs to be charged, the laundry has to be done, and the storage unit shall be filled. A forecast based energy manage­ment system prioritizes your energy demand in a way, that every task is completed at the end of the day and the maximum of your solar yield is self-consumed.

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Everything in sight.


What is the amount of energy saved by the solar system? Is the system working without any issues? By using a suitable energy management system, all required data are comfortably visible for you.

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Permanent Monitoring

Large Scale Systems

Especially in case of large scale systems and PV plants a permanent monitoring of the system is essential. If a failure stays undetected, a significant economical loss can be caused. A permanent monitoring via an energy manage­ment system helps you to detect failures and to react immediately. 

Maximize self-consumption.


Reduce dependency - Refuel solar power!
With a charging station you get more charging power and full control over the charging times of your vehicle. In addition, you always keep an eye on everything with your management system and your vehicle is only charged from the grid when it really needs to be. Expand your energy system and optimize your self-consumption.


Energy Management System

By using an energy management system (EMS) you can keep an eye on your power system - Take a step into the future of a smart home grid. For more detailed information have a look on the following topics.

Purpose of an energy management system?

An energy management system (EMS) is primarily designed to increase the simultaneousness of solar power generation and load consumption. Therefore, it is the brain of your PV system. For example, if there is a battery storage, a heat pump, an electrical vehicle and controllable loads like washing machines etc. in the house, an EMS can control the order sequence of consumption to use as much solar power as possible and prevent a supply from the public grid. Based on weather forecasts the EMS is able to predict the solar power generation and create an optimized charging strategy for the battery storage. Furthermore, EMS performs other control tasks like the 70 % peak shaving (canceled in 2023) and active / reactice power control in case of larger PV systems. Also an analysis of your system is graphically displayed. This gives you an overview of all important operation parameters related to your PV system.

Which types are available?

Depending on the budget, there are nearly no limits. Simple systems can record your power flow and visualize the data. Other systems include a weather forecast based solar power prediction to optimize the charging of a storage. More sophisticated systems, which are integrated into a home automation, can manage many small and medium power loads. The exact system design should always be dimensioned based on your needs and requirements. For example, in case of a business system with loads which cannot be shifted during the day, a sophisticated EMS is not very useful.

System Integration

Your energy management system (EMS) is a stand alone component within your home system. The data of the generated power is obtained directly via the inverter. To measure the supply from - and the power feed into - the public grid, a seperate energy meter is required. Various communication interfaces (e.g. Modbus) allow to integrate other loads like a battery storage or a charging station. The access to the EMS and recall of system data is realized by an internet connection. Due to the plurality of possible interfaces, an integration of the EMS to the PV-system is also possible later on.
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