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Our agile and success driven team combines expertises in the fields of product development, production technology and application.

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MV & HV Cable Accessories and Component Development

We develop your accessories and components for XLPE insulated medium and high voltage cables or optimize your existing ones. Our developments are designed for future generations of cables with reduced XLPE thickness and increased dielectric stress - This guarantees a reliable connection of all conductors and cross sections. More

Connection Technology

For outdoor termination, cable joint or dry-type GIS terminations - We design mechanical connectors, customized to the requirements of your accessory. On request incl. type test and first prototype series. More



Configuration and Optimization of Test Facilities

We offer solutions for testing all common types of cable accessories according to the relevant international standards IEC 60840, IEC 62067 and IEC 62271-209. Fully adapted to your product portfolio, expandable and adaptable to new products. Eco-efficient, no SF6 required.

Dimensioning of Cable Systems

You need support during the project development of MV and HV cable systems? Our knowledge in the preparation of tender documents and cable system design is the perfect addition to your project. During the realization phase our team serves the project. We take care of the organization and inspection of factory acceptance tests and contribute our expertise in the preparation and verification of project related documentations.

Asset Management of Cable Systems

Acting instead of reacting - strescon is the partner for your cable lines. We analyze your inventory of spare parts and identify repair possibilities in case of a dielectric fault. Your benefit is a customized recommendation for action in the event of a failure. Thus, the downtime of your cable line is kept as low as possible.

Quality Assurance, Production Surveillance and Factory Audits

For cable systems, the production quality of the insulation components is essential. With our wide experience in quality assurance of DC and AC cable projects, we take over the external quality assurance for you at your supplier. From factory audit to close production monitoring and acceptance testing, we ensure that the cable system components meet your quality requirements.

Dimensioning and Optimization of Production Equipment

We design your production facility and provide project management services during implementation. From process planning to staff training:
  • Selection of appropriate production processes and technologies for stress cones and joint bodies
  • Layout and design of injection molding equipment
  • Selection, design and optimization of production equipment
  • Design and implementation of the entire production layout
  • Conception and dimensioning of the equipment for the assembly of cable accessories
  • Design, layout and construction of test labs for efficient routine testing of cable accessories
  • Training of production staff

Fits perfect:

Products and Solutions

Test Equipment

We design and manufacture test equipment for efficient routine testing of your cable accessories. We work with latest technologies & materials and design your routine test system 100% customer-specific, tailored to your requirements and needs! Our test systems always comply with the relevant international standards. Info

Gas Insulated Joints

Whether for testing purposes or grid applications, strescon develops and constructs gas-insulated joints to suit your particular project. More



Project Related Trainings for Accessory Assembly

Most of the failures in grid can be traced back to non-confirming installations. For this reason, it is essential that your jointers are well trained and prepared - we make your assembly team fit for the side, with training courses in-house as well as onsite.

Preparation, Revision and Verification of Product Related Documents

You need support in reviewing or creating product-related documents, such as assembly instructions, technical data sheets, test specifications or QCP's? We take care of it!

Failure Anlaysis

The challenge of the failure analysis is to find out the primary cause of damage, the so-called "root cause" for the component failure or the abrasion. Only with knowledge of the root cause it is possible to avoid failures and high abrasion. Get in contact with our experts for failure analysis.


Our experts prepare reports and support you from the beginning of a law suit or a trial. We carry out on-site investigations and technical analysis. Furthermore, we verify the compliance with the related international standards. We proof expertise reports of other parties, identify root causes of failures, carry out technical investigations and prepare failure reports.
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